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Bonnie Parker on the Issues...

Republican Principles - 30 Year Commitment to Core Values of Personal Responsibility, Pro-Market Solutions and Limited Government

Conservative Solutions - Smart Planning and Fiscal Responsibility for the Future of Texas

Endorsed by:
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Texas Right to Life
Young Conservatives of Texas
Conservative Republicans of Texas
Cathie Adams, Texas Eagle Forum President
Stop the Magnet
'A' Rating from the NRA
'A' Rating from the TSRA
Traditional Family Values - Advocate for Pro-Life & Increased School Choice

​- Low taxes and regulation to create economic opportunity.
- Commitment to protect the weak.
- Insure level economic playing field for all citizens.
- Keep government out of the business sector.
- Zero-based budgeting.
- Transparency in all government activity.
- Pension reform.
- Respect the role of family.
- Increase choice in primary and secondary education.
- Market based water reform.
- Texas based solutions no Washington DC solutions.
- A system that encourages marriage and employment.