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Stand with Bonnie. Stand for Life.

Bonnie Parker is the Pro-Life Candidate and Strongly Supports HB2.

The New Law Ensures that Fetuses Capable of Surviving are not Terminated.

HB2 is a Good Bill and Allows us to Focus on the Main Issue of When Life is Worthy of Protection.

The Ultimate Measure of a Society is its Ability to the Protect the Weak.

Summary of Texas’ New Abortion Law
1) An elective abortion may no longer be performed at or after twenty weeks of gestation unless the procedure is performed to protect the physical health of the mother or the fetus is so seriously deformed that it will not survive after birth.

2) Physicians performing abortions must have admitting privileges at a hospital within thirty miles of his or her office.

3) Clinics which provide abortions must meet the same standards as an ambulatory surgical center. Procedures performed by such centers include: colonoscopy, pain management, knee, shoulder, eye and spine surgeries.

4) Medicine intended to induce abortions must be administered by a license physician according to FDA rules. He or she must examine the patient before prescribing such medication and make a reasonable attempt to arrange a follow up visit to insure the abortion was complete and without complications.